The fake assassin and the security guard

The fake assassin and the security guardHe was focused on the threat.
In the city of Cebu in the Phillipines, Kirk Abella was an assassin who was about to kill someone in a drive-by shooting.

Nearby, a private security guard, 51-year old Eddie Cuizon, was awakened by villagers and told that armed gunmen were on the street.

Gunmen riding on motorcycles is a popular method for carrying out assassinations.

Mr. Cuizon grabbed his gun and attempted to approach the two masked men on motorcycles. When they sped away, he fired his .357 caliber handgun and hit Mr. Abella in the back, killing him.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cuizon had made a terrible mistake. Mr. Abella was an actor, and the handguns the two men were using were fake. They were in the middle of filming a scene in a movie called "Going Somewhere." Somehow, Mr. Cuizon did not notice.

Mr. Cuizon has been charged with murder.

Actor playing gunman shot dead after he is mistaken for a real-life assassin, The Daily Mail Online>>

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