The Cossack and the Burro optical illusion

The Cossack and the Burro optical illusionEl Cosaco – The Cossack

Flip over the Cossack and what do you get?

The Cossack and the Burro optical illusionEl Burro – The Burro
This reversible optical illusion image on an old matchbox also contains a sly joke. The Spanish word "El Cosaco" means a mounted policeman, but it also refers to an elite Russia cavalry corps, who were thought to be heavy drinkers, so "El Cosaco" means someone who drinks heavily.

When it’s reversed, of course "El Burro" means burro or mule in English, but it’s also someone who’s an ignorant or pompous ass.

So might this be a little satirical dig at stupid drunken Russians or pompous policeman? Ponder that while you take out a match to light up your smoke.

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