The burglars who were deceived by the dead

The burglars who were deceived by the deadThey were identified with a simple lineup.
The thieves stuck a Great Dane and a dead man up their noses.

Three young men – named David, Waldo and Matrix, all under 19 – had been burglarizing homes in Silver Springs Shores, Florida. They would knock on the door of a home, and if nobody answered, they would break in. I presume they had a fake cover story if someone actually answered the door.
At one home, they stole jewelry, electronics and various wooden boxes. When they looked inside the boxes, they saw plastic bags with powder inside. They thought the powder was crushed pills, so they tasted it and snorted it. 
What else but powdered drugs would be in plastic bags inside nice wooden boxes?

The dead, actually.

The powder was the cremated remains of the homeowner’s two Great Dane dogs, Samson and Epic, and her father. 
(The photo above shows the homeowner, Holli Tencza, identifying the remains to Marion County Sheriff’s Office Detective Greg Spicher.)

The young burglars were caught.

Later, police divers recovered two boxes with the remains of one dog and her father from a local body of water, named Magic Lake.

They have leads on the whereabouts of the final box.

– Deputies: Burglars tasted, snorted human and canine ashes,>>
– Stolen ashes of a man and of one dog found in Magic Lake,>>

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