This adoption scammer preyed on emotions

This adoption scammer preyed on emotionsFounder/Executive Director and attorney Kevin Cohen in 2004, when he first opened his nonprofit "The Adoption Annex."

"I want to give thanks to the process that gave me so much and to my parents in whose memory The Annex is being dedicated on October 11, with a special ceremony to be followed by a celebratory luncheon," said Cohen. "I never remember not knowing I was adopted, and my hope is that people who visit The Annex will never leave viewing adoption the same way as when they walked in… My hope is that, one day, there will be an Adoption Annex or a similar place in every community that has the need."

– Kevin Cohen in an article in 2004.

This adoption scammer preyed on emotionsKevin Cohen, years later.
Six years later, Mr. Cohen was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to repay $300,000 in restitution.

He stole tens of thousands of dollars from over a dozen couples who wanted to adopt babies.

Unfortunately, those babies didn’t exist.

Mr. Cohen scammed couples with stories of unmarried women who wanted to give up their babies for adoption. He backed this up with realistic details about the women, including phony sonograms and bogus records from doctors and hospitals. Then he collected money for the fake birth mother’s expenses.

Victims said he preyed on their vulnerabilities.

One women met with him over coffee on a regular basis. He told her he wanted to raise money for adopting children with special needs.

"He, to me, seemed really philanthropic… He was always very thankful to me for my time, for chatting with him… He seemed like a really nice person. He was a good actor, I guess."

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