The sale was real, but the buyers were fake

The sale was real, but the buyers were fake
Michael McClain was selling his home in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Two men came to his door and said they were interested in buying it, and they had tried to but couldn’t get ahold of his real estate agent. He gave them a five-minute tour. They seemed interested and said they had relatives shopping at a nearby supermarket, and could they call them to come take a look? One of the men used his cell phone and called his mom, speaking to her in a foreign language, and then they left to go pick her up.

They never returned.

That’s because they’d deceived Mr. McClain. The supposed buyer who was calling his mom actually called an accomplice to steal jewelry out of the bedroom while the others were touring another part of the house.

‘Home buyers’ turn out to be jewelry takers, St. Petersburg Times>>

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