The pickpocket’s deceptive razor blade story

The pickpocket's deceptive razor blade storyA pickpocket knife was used by the thieves.

Usually if I find a story to post, I check to see if it’s actually true or not before I post it. In this case, it’s a good little story. True? Don’t know.

The pickpocket's deceptive razor blade storyIt must be true, because we have x-ray photos.
In the city of Linfen in the Chinese province of Shanxi, seven men were arrested for stealing cell phones on the street. During their trial, five suspects said they had recently swallowed razor blades. (I assume the razor blades were used by the thieves to slice open the pockets and bags of victims to more easily steal or pickpocket their cell phones.)

The men were sent to the hospital by the police, who were suspicious that all five men had the same story. Yet x-rays did show images of razor blades.

One of the men then confessed that the men actually had two types of razor blades with them. One was a real razor blade, and the other was a fake blade whose edge had been blunted and wrapped with the foil from inside a pack of cigarettes. The thieves swallowed the fake blades hoping to deceive the police into sending them to a hospital, where they would have a better chance of escaping.

Five Thieves Swallowed Razor Blades When Caught, Cina Pig>>

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