“The most gruesome crime scene I’ve ever seen.”

"The most gruesome crime scene I've ever seen."A fire in a hotel reveals a horrific sight on the fourth floor.
The quote above is from the police chief.

There was a small fire at the old George Washington Hotel in Pittsburgh. When firefighters went in room 405 they immediately called police.

The police said there was blood on the floor, the mattress and the pillows. Obscenities had been scribbled on the walls. A piece of a human scalp with hair still attached was in the center of the bed.

Detectives were called in.

When the hotel owner found out, he laughed.

All the gore was fake. Room 405 had not been cleaned for two years, ever since being used to film the horror film New Terminal Hotel. The hotel owner had left the room untouched in case the filmmakers needed to do re-shoots.

Which makes me wonder, why was it still uncleaned even after the movie had been released? Didn’t they need the room for guests? Did they think they could rent it out for horror film aficionados? Or did they need the room as a prank room to scare new employees?

"Hey, room 405 needs fresh towels. Could you bring them some?"

And when the new employee entered the room, they all stood outside the door, waiting for the screams.

Old Horror Movie Room In Burning Hotel Gives Cops, Firefighters Fright, The Pittsburgh Channel>>

(The photo is a still from the straight-to-DVD film, one of the last films with actor Corey Haim.)

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