Man sent to prison for cheating drug test with fake penis

Man sent to prison for cheating drug test with fake penisMichelangelo’s David has never had stage fright.
A man claimed in court he brought a fake penis to a drug test because of "stage fright."

Raymond Hartley said disparaging comments made about the small size of his penis prompted him to use a Whizzinator*, but maintained it was his drug-free urine in the device used during a random drug test. Said Mr. Hartley:

"I didn’t want to hear any other insulting comments… about the size of my penis… This is not comfortable for me to talk about."

Defense attorney Anthony Rybak said Hartley was emasculated by the comments made by probation officials:

"He didn’t do this to trick anybody."

After the fake penis was discovered, Hartley received new charges. There was no evidence Mr Hartley informed anyone ahead of time of his issues with the drug testing. Said Assistant District Attorney John Obrecht:

"Deceit is still deceit."

*The owners of the company who sold the original Whizzinator product were arrested and served time in prison or probabtion for "conspiracy to defraud the United States and conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia." Now others sell a version of the fake penis Whizzinator product, marketed as a sex toy.

Man sent to state prison for cheating drug test with fake penis, LeHigh Valley Live>>

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