Is fast talking or slow talking more persuasive?

Is fast talking or slow talking more persuasive?If you want to persuade someone, is it better to use the fast button or the slow button?
Do you want to persuade others? Or do you want to deceive them in some way? Here’s some scientific advice:

  • If your audience is skeptical and may not agree with you, speak faster.
  • If your audience seems to be agreeing with you, speak slower.


If your message is too slow, it allows a skeptical audience time to come up with arguments against your message.

But if your audience agrees with you and your message is too fast, your audience won’t have enough time to agree with you even more.

Product pitchman Billy Mays spoke at the right speed to persuade.

This guy in a famous 1980’s FedEx commercial might be talking too fast. But this works as an ad because his speedy talking supports the FedEx slogan "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." (By the way, the guy is John Moschitta Jr.)

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