How to profit from killing without murder – the funeral home scam

How to profit from killing without murder - the funeral home scamYou can more easily scam the dead if there’s nobody dead to begin with.
Dear Fraudy:

I work at my family’s mortuary and we’re having hard times. How can I make sure the business doesn’t fail? – John "Mortician" Adams

Dear John,

What you need to do is defraud insurance companies.

Since you work in the industry, you know that when someone dies and they can’t afford to pay for their funeral and burial expenses, you can use a "financial assignment company" to advance cash for their expenses.

Of course, later you collect the money from the dead person’s life insurance policy.

Get your family together and create a fake person. Let’s call him "Jim Davis." Take out a life insurance policy for Mr. Davis and name some of your own relatives as his beneficiaries.

Then "kill" Mr. Davis.

Use your computer to make fake death documents for Mr. Davis. You’ll definitely need his death certificate with a forged doctor’s signature. It helps to have a notary in the family to notarize any fake papers.

Now write up two bills for his mortuary and funeral expenses. Make sure he has two lavish funerals. Only the best for Mr. Davis.

Send each of those bills to two different assignment companies.

Now you’ll get insurance money assigned to the funeral home for burial expenses without having to actually perform any services. (And you’ll get it twice!)

One of my clients actually buried a casket and had a fake funeral, but I don’t recommend this option. What if someone gets suspicious and tries to dig up the casket?

I recommend cremation and ash spreading over the ocean, which covers all fraudulent sins. (And you can bill for even more!)

Make sure you fill the coffin with a mannequin and dead cow parts so nobody at the crematorium gets suspicious.

And whatever you do, don’t go crazy with all that money. Put it back into the business and you’ll live free to scam another day.

– Your scam-man, "Fraudy"

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