Five people who tried to fake their own deaths (two with canoes)

Five people who tried to fake their own deaths (two with canoes)It may work when Bugs Bunny fakes his death, but…

After hearing bad news about his ex-girlfriend, James Nash, 25, set his apartment on fire and got his friend to call his landlady and tell her he was dead. He was arrested for arson and sentenced to three years in jail.Arson and fake death>>

To avoid appearing in court on a gun charge, Benjamin E. Brown Jr., 36, had his brother give a copy of a fake death certificate to a probation officer saying he had been fatally shot. But there was no original death certificate, the file number was wrong, and there was no police or funeral home record. Mr. Brown was sentenced to 27 months in prison.
Fatal shooting fake death>>

Gandaruban Subramaniam fled Singapore to escape creditors and settled in Sri Lanka, where he obtained a death certificate saying he died in a civil war shoot-out in 1987. He and his family claimed almost $250,000 in insurance money. He and his family were caught. He was sentenced to three years in jail.
Civil war shoot-out fake death>>

John Darwin, a former prison officer, vanished in 2002 and was thought drowned after his damaged canoe was found. He lived for a time next to his family home, where he crawled through a hole in the wall to meet his wife. In 2007, he reappeared at a police station and said he could not remember the missing five years. His wife said he planned his disappearance to pay off debts with life insurance. He and his wife were sentenced to over six years imprisonment for various frauds. The BBC made a drama about the case called "Canoe Man."
Canoe Man fake death>>
Marcus Schrenker, 38, was in trouble with his wealth management business. So Mr. Schrenker took off in a small plane, called in a distress call, then parachuted out of the plane, which crashed 200 miles away. He fled on a previously hidden motorcycle, resurfaced and said he was in a canoe accident, fled again and was caught in a tent at a campground with a self-inflicted wound. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison on securities fraud charges.
Crashed airplane fake death>>

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