Five people who pretended to be doctors

Five people who pretended to be doctorsIt’s time to play doctor!
She dropped out of dental school halfway through, and "Dr." Vinisha Sharma had no license, but she practiced as a dentist in the UK for nine years. She did have the letters "BDS" (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) on her personalized Mercedes license plate.

"Dr." Mika Jokinen, 24, was a "doctor" in Finland who forged documents and practiced for a year. He had no medical training, and was caught because of "uncertainties" in some of his treatments. He said he needed the money.

At a Miami Florida spa, "Dr." Ana Josefa Sevilla pretended to be a plastic surgeon and, to improve its appearance, injected silicone gel and saline into a woman’s buttocks. The women needed emergency surgery and almost lost her leg.

A woman, happy to have married a doctor, dropped him off at work every morning. Then she discovered that nobody at the Atlanta Georgia hospital knew "Dr." Eric Perteet. After being arrested with a stolen security badge with his picture scotch-taped on top, he continued to insist he did work at the hospital. Later, he admitted he impersonated a doctor to meet women, and was having an affair with a woman at the hospital.
 "Dr." Daniel Ray Stewart spent two weeks in the emergency room before someone noticed he didn’t have a badge. "Dr." Stewart said he was only shadowing doctors and nurses, and if the hospital thought something was wrong, they should have let him know instead of going to the police: "My job is to observe and be a helping hand if needed and to further medical assessment." A hospital spokesman said he is "a troubled young man."


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