The eBay scammers who stole seven hundred million dollars

The eBay scammers who stole seven hundred million dollars Jorge Carlos? – NOCelso Ferreira? – NOJoao Santos? – NOLourival Philipps? – NOPrime Hill Inc? – NOPrimo Hill Inc? – NONilton Rossoni? – NO, he’s the fatherNilton Joel Rossoni? – YES, this is the son

Nilton J. Rossoni, and his son, Nilton Joel Rossoni, scammed over 5,500 buyers on eBay by using 260 different eBay accounts, dozens of email addresses and 60 private P.O. boxes.

They stole $717,000.

The eBay scammers who stole seven hundred million dollarsYou can win this saddle, but you’ll never see it.
They pretended to sell a variety of items, including textbooks, horse saddles, rotisserie grills, collections of DVDs, luggage, metal detectors, airline tickets, flash drives and more.

They never sent a single item.

How did they do it?

  1. The Rossonis lured buyers to their auctions by making up glowing positive feedback from fake customers.
  2. They prevented authorities from tracing a money trail by requiring buyers to use cashier’s checks or money orders.
  3. They kept their scam going by making up excuses to buyers for not having shipped the items.
  4. When complaints got too strong, they would close one eBay account and open up a new account.

Their activity was at the top of the list at the Federal Trade Commission, with 1,400 consumer complaints.

The younger Mr. Rossoni, who earned a business administration degree from the University of Miami in 2007, is believed to have fled to his native Brazil.

The older Mr. Rossoni, 51, is in prison for 5 ½ years.

The eBay scammers who stole seven hundred million dollarsAccording to his 60 addresses, you might think Mr. Rossoni lived in places such as this.
How was the Rossoni deception uncovered?

  1. A postal inspector traced Mr. Rossoni’s fake eBay names to private postal stores in Florida.
  2. Since postal stores are legally required to have photos of their customers on file, the inspector obtained his picture.
  3. He waited at a UPS mail box site near Fort Lauderdale until he found a customer who matched the photo.
  4. He looked up the license plate on the man’s car and discovered the car was registered in his real name.
  5. Through online posting boards, the inspector discovered there were other frauds occurring in the south Florida area.
  6. He contacted other customers who were cheated.
  7. He discovered more names of Mr. Rossoni’s aliases.
  8. He worked with a federal prosecutor and got access to Mr. Rossoni’s bank records, e-mail and eBay statements.
  9. Mr. Rossoni was arrested at Miami International Airport.

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