Do Russians not care about adultery?

Do Russians not care about adultery?"To the Health of our Dear Woman" by Lisogorski, 1963

I read a piece in Slate about infidelity and adultery in Russia, and the writer says that Russians don’t get as worked up over it. There are various historical reasons, and a potent demographic one – between the ages of 15 and 62, women outnumber men by 10 percent, and by age 65 there are only 46 men left for every 100 women.

But many say that Russian men are still in control (maybe because they know they won’t be living too long.) And various commentators have said that Russians may be more cynical (or pragmatic), and less inclined to drama:

For the most part, Russian women shrug off the fooling around. It’s seen as unavoidable and natural. Men are slaves to hormones. Why get worked up over that, or the weather? "My sister’s husband cheats on her," says Tanya… "She knows this for a fact, but she doesn’t cheat on him. When I ask her why she stays with him she says, ‘I’m going to split up with him over some nonsense? He’ll get it out of his system and settle down.’" "Faithfulness in marriage is seen as something that is nice but unrealistic," says Moscow sociologist Irina Tartakovskaya. She points out that if women don’t really expect it of their husbands, they can pre-empt feelings of shock and betrayal.

So do Russian men and women even try to hide their affairs? Some say that men are more open about infidelity, while women are more deceptive because there’s more of a potential for violence from men, and also because men have more fragile egos.

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