The charming art prank on an 80-year-old woman

The charming art prank on an 80-year-old womanThe 15-foot-tall intruder arrived in the middle of the night on Donna Coughlin’s front lawn.

"I opened up the curtain and I looked and I thought, ‘What is that?’ I absolutely couldn’t believe it. And then I went to the front door and opened the front door… and this was like 1:30 in the morning, so then I thought I’m going to call the police and I thought well that’s probably a pretty stupid thing to do… anyway I did, anyhow, called the police (laughs) and they came out… two cars no less!"

A box attached to the base had words cut from a magazine spelling out: "We hope u enjoy this thing." It was signed with the letters PS.

But this isn’t the first time something strange has been left on the front lawn of the house she’s lived in for 53 years.

The charming art prank on an 80-year-old womanThe giant bug of 1987
Donna Coughlin first had a sculpture put on her lawn 23 years ago, in 1987, by artist and trickster Mark Guilbeau, a University of Colorado master of fine arts graduate. It was a giant bug. When she caught him taking it apart weeks later, he invited her to campus for tea and to view the sculpture.

"So now I’m keeping watch at night to see who I’m going to catch this time, to come and pick this little gem up…’

Sculpture’s mysterious appearance in Boulder yard has echoes of past – Boulder Daily Camera>>

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