The turkey optical illusion

The turkey optical illusionCan you spot the non-turkey face in this "rafter" of turkeys? (Yes, that’s the correct term for a group. And no, it’s not called a Congress of turkeys.)Click to enlarge.
This optical illusion is an example of three different deceptive principles.

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12 thoughts on “The turkey optical illusion

  1. The 3 deceptive principles:

    1) Confusing a thing with the word itself.
    2) Humor as distraction.
    3) Looking for a tree and ignoring the forest.

  2. Click to enlarge photo. Save photo to your computer. Open photo in image-editing software (Microsoft Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, etc.) Reverse or invert the colors. A FACE will appear.

  3. I have not checked on the turkiness of each individual turkey, but they are turkeys and there is a FACE in the photo.

    Try squinting.

  4. I removed a post by an Anonymous commenter who said: "This is stupid as ****. Bob Brown is a **** and a ******." He also gave away the solution. I’m sorry, but name-calling is to be expected by anonymous posters. But solution giving, that’s a no-no.

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