Science teacher pranks 3 students

Science teacher pranks 3 studentsThe hypothetical mission of a spacecraft disintegrating.
Did you ever have a teacher who was always kidding around and tricking you and not always telling you the truth?

Well, if you were interested in science, you’d want to have had this guy for a teacher.

Ron Dantowitz is a high school science teacher in Brookline, Massachusetts. He told three of his teenage students to do a project. They had to plan a hypothetical mission as if they were flying aboard a NASA aircraft and observing a spacecraft disintegrating as it entered earth’s orbit. He wanted them to figure out how to record the event.

They worked on the project for six months.

Finally, near the end of the year, he revealed he’d pulled a prank on them. The project they’d been working on was not hypothetical, it was real.

And they were going to go to Australia to record the event themselves.

That summer, his students – James Breitmeyer, Yiannis Karavas, and Brigitte Berman – flew to Australia to work with other scientists to successfully record the disintegration of a Japanese spacecraft called Hayabusa over the Australian outback.

Not a bad prank at all.

Students Record Spellbinding Video of Disintegrating Spacecraft, NASA>>

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