A prank is bad if they think you’re a pedophile

A prank is bad if they think you're a pedophileIf tape is bad, destroy tape.
Here’s why we should be glad for "innocent until proven guilty:"

This is an excerpt from an article in True Crime Report:

The best elementary teachers inspire young minds to explore the world around them. Matthew Deppen also videotapes those young minds naked. This, friends, is how you nudge the needle on our Weird Teacher Watch…

The 32-year-old from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, faces sex-abuse charges stemming from an incident with three girls in 2004. Deppen’s perfect crime, it seems, was marred only by his technological ineptitude.

According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, the teacher secretly videotaped the girls, ages 9-11, undressing at his home. But Deppen also captured images of himself setting up the camera, then taking it down just as the girls left the room.

The shoddy production values may cost him: The video surfaced recently, leading to charges of sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, and invasion of privacy…

There was a trial, and in one hour, a jury found Matthew Deppen innocent of all charges. Why?

Mr. Deppen testified that he had set up a hidden video camera as a prank. He was going to dress up in a monkey mask and cape and jump out while recording the reactions of several girls, just like they do on "America’s Funniest Home Videos."

But the girls were getting undressed, so he abandoned the prank and never viewed the tape.

His wife, Melissa Garvey, eventually took the tape away.

Six years later, Mr. Deppen and his wife were going through a divorce. She was at his attorney’s office and the attorney testified that she said, "He’s going to pay for this."

Soon afterward the tape resurfaced, and Mr. Deppen was arrested.

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