Man taken by the gold chain con

Man taken by the gold chain conWhat you feel when a chain is fastened around your neck is very likely what you feel when a chain is unfastened  from around your neck.
This is why you should do all your jewelry shopping in a legitimate store.
A 56-year-old man was smoking outside a bar about 4 o’clock on a Monday afternoon when a car pulled up next to him. Two woman – one in her mid-forties and the other a slender woman in her mid-thirties – got out and walked over to him.

The first woman wanted to sell him a gold chain. "Try it on!" she said. The other women showed him gold rings and tried to put them in his hand. The first woman put the chain around the man’s neck.

They finally left, in a car that had two men inside.

That’s when the smoking man realized they had switched the nine carat gold curb chain he was wearing with a fake gold chain.

He described the women as eastern European. And he said the older woman had a distinctive row of lower teeth.

They were made of gold.

Women con man out of gold chain in deception, Portsmouth News, UK>>

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