How to hide things in your pants

How to hide things in your pantsDo you need to secretly hide a 67 fluid ounce 

soft drink bottle in your pants?
If you need to hide something from pickpockets or the police, you’re in luck.

All you have to do is buy underwear with a secret pocket, so you can stash your stash in your crotch.

Company owner Phillip Scott invented his deceptive underwear with an extra flap of fabric after he lost a wallet on a trip and was looking for a more secure hiding place than a money belt or hat.

His hidden pocket underwear company is called Stashitwear.

The secret pocket in the boxer briefs he sells goes under the crotch, and is about 14 inches deep. The underwear costs $12.

The New York Police Department gave a boost of publicity to the underwear maker when they circulated a memo telling officers to look out for this new secret hiding place.

And if you need a demonstration, you could watch a guy sticking things down his crotch to hide them in this instructional video:

New Crime Trend Is Truly Below the Belt – Police Department Circulates Memo Warning Officers to Watch for Drug Dealers Who Use Underwear With Secret Pockets, The Wall Street Journal>>

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