How to create a “fake” fake identity

How to create a "fake" fake identityFaris Zafir Kattan is a fake. He does not exist.
Do you need a fake identity?

Go to the fake name generator website and with a few clicks you can create a fraudulent person.

As they say:

The most advanced name generator. With 26 languages and 19 countries, the Fake Name Generator is the most advanced name generator on the internet. Generate names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, occupations, UPS tracking numbers, and more absolutely free.

It’s generated controversy, too:

I have learned of an online tool that benefits the identity thieves. Yet our nation’s law enforcement don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Since 9/11, we think that security is tighter, and that online tools as this, would be shut down quickly. Since I have spoken out on consumer advocacy issues before, I can’t continue to be quite about this website any longer.

(From the Topeka Capital Journal blog of Kevin Surbaugh>>)

Here’s the fake name and information I generated:

Faris Zafir Katta
2455 University Drive
Burr Ridge, IL 61257

Email Address:         [email protected]
Password:              zohl5fa0Iemai
Mother’s Maiden name:  Hadad
Birthday: June 8, 1979 (31 years old)
Visa:                  4556 4323 8333 5382
Expires:               8/2010
SSN:                   344-64-6191
Occupation:            Petroleum technician
UPS Tracking Number:   1Z 022 375 11 7215 566 7
Blood type:            O+
Weight:                225.3 pounds (102.4 kilograms)Height:                5′ 6" (168 centimeters)
To complete my fake person, I found three photos on the Internet (a singer, a doctor, and a crook) and combined them, using the head of one, the eyes of another, and the neckline of a third. Then I used an online site that generates fake magazine covers (On Coverpage) to make the Business Today cover photo of Mr. Katta above, which gives my fake person a face.

Of course, for purist identity thieves, none of the information the website generates can be used for anything other than looking realistic at first glance. It might take a bit more work to create an identity that can stand up to any kind of scrutiny, such as actually using the information for fraud.

Fake Name Generator>>

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