How to cheat at school

How to cheat at schoolThe cheating thumb cheat sheet works if you have excellent eyesight.
To alert teachers to many possible cheating scams, Dr. Robert S. Bramucci went to cheater websites and compiled a list of how to cheat. Here are some examples:

Get a copy of the test or the answers in advance of the test. You can break into where the test is held, or bribe someone who has access to the test.

During the test, copy the answers from a fellow student. If you’re really clever, you can hold a small mirror and adjust it to view a neighbor’s test. Or just find a fellow student – preferably smarter – to collude with, and have them get the answers to you during the test, either with a secret note, or by communicating in code.

Make yourself a crib sheet or a cheat sheet with any information you’ll need for the test. Find an ingenious way to hide it – write it on your desk beforehand, or on a drink bottle, gum or food you’re allowed to have on your desk. Or write the information on part of your body or your clothing. If you aren’t allowed to have anything on your desk except a pencil or pen, you can write notes on whatever you’re writing with.

A very sneaky method is to prepare the room in advance by writing notes somewhere unnoticed inside the room.

An old favorite used by many students is to write inside the examination book or blue book you have to bring to the exam.

You can pay someone else to take the test for you as a "ringer."

Or you can not turn in the exam and claim the professor lost it.

Of course, there are many methods using technology, such as cell phones, which is why they are banned during most tests. But there’s always a wireless earpiece and a friend with access to the answers.

To see more, head over to this list at Cheatopolis, no, I’m sorry, Teachopolis>>

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