How not to phone in a bomb threat prank

How not to phone in a bomb threat prank"Dude!"
Someone called and left a voicemail saying he was going to blow up the Royal Navy.

Who did he call?

He called Lt. Commander Mandy McBain, at the British Royal Navy Command Headquarters.

What exactly did he say?

Yeah, I’m gonna blow up the Royal Navy yeah, next time I come across you. I’ll see you in the sea and I’ll tip that boat over, everyone on that ship’s gonna drown, yeah. So don’t try and take nothing to heart, it’s gonna happen to you within the next three weeks. If you got something to say about it ring.

And then he left his own cell phone number.

Lt. Commander McBain reported it to security, who reported it to police, who arrested 19-year old Aaron Mitchell, who said it was all a joke.

Unfortunately, the judge said:

Bomb hoaxes in these troubled times have to be taken very seriously. Any false call deviates precious man hours away from the fight against terrorism.

Mr. Mitchell was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison.

His defense lawyer said that cannabis was involved.

‘I’m going to blow up the Navy, please call me on…’ Hoaxer caught after leaving his mobile phone number, Mail Online>>

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