The fake that replaces pig’s feet, carpet pads, oranges and dead animals

The fake that replaces pig's feet, carpet pads, oranges and dead animalsVeterinarian Fausto Bellezzo practices a suture.
They’ve also used dead chickens, animal cadavers, and computer simulations, all to simulate the experience of cutting into living flesh.

Researcher and veterinarian Fausto Bellezzo thought the same technology used to create realism in horror films could be used to create a training aid for veterinarians, so he is developing a silicone-layered artificial tissue.

The fake creates realistic skin, blood vessels, connective tissue and animal muscles, and even pumps artificial blood through the cut tissue at the correct rate.

Mr. Bellazo is creating the mock tissue along with Dean Hendrickson, director of Colorado State University’s Teaching Hospital. Said Hendrickson:

"Industry standards for training sometimes actually teach incorrect techniques, or skills that don’t translate into real-world situations, so students don’t have the ability to realistically prepare for surgery before a live patient… These artificial simulations help students master their technique, dexterity and confidence before they operate for the first time on a person or pet."

The fake that replaces pig's feet, carpet pads, oranges and dead animals The fake skin and tissue is made of silicone.

 CSU professors’ artificial tissue helps veterinarian students hone skills, The Denver Post>>

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