The deceptive mind of a pedophile and murderer

The deceptive mind of a pedophile and murderer Michael Jacques
A man in Vermont, Michael Jacques, was arrested for kidnapping, raping and killing his 12-year-old niece, Brooke Bennett.

While he was in jail, Mr. Jacques gave a friend handwritten messages and told him to type them and send criminal investigators emails that implied a sex ring was preying on young girls. The messages would create the impression that a sex ring had killed Ms. Bennett. His friend didn’t send the emails and instead showed the messages to federal prosecutors.

Some of the messages said:

"We killed Brooke and you know we did. – Candyman"

"There is enough proof in these e-mails that we just couldn’t otherwise know. And you have to admit, we were brilliant. Now you need to find us."

"You should use public access computer if possible… If not get a cheap ($80) hard drive for your laptop and use that drive to send e-mails. Then, when we are done, you can throw away hard drive that sent e-mails."

The deceptive mind of a pedophile and murderer Brooke Bennett
While police were looking for Bennett, they discovered evidence that he had sexually molested another girl. An affidavit was taken from the victim which details how he deceived her into sexual activity. According to the affidavit, Mr. Jacques was involved with a group of pedophiles.

All references to the victim’s name and information which identifies her was removed from the document.

"When the victim was approximately nine years old she got a phone call and a note under her pillow that said that she was in a program for sex called Breckenridge. (She said that) People from Breckenridge choose to put you in the program. She and her mother were in Wal-Mart and a guy had followed her around and thought she should be put in the program. (She said) The president gives you a trainer but you don’t get to talk to the president. Michael Jacques was to be her trainer.

The victim explained that you have to do "things" for the program. She was enrolled with three other girls. The first who does it lives and the second gets her throat cut. They would kill the victim’s mother because she was on a business trip.

The victim did not really do anything when she was younger. (She said) Most girls get out of the program when they are twelve but she is still in the program because she did do these things. The victim expressed for some reason she was not killed and did not know how she was alive. The Breckenridge program had been a part of her life since she could remember…"

"She further explained the Breckenridge program. In order to graduate, you had to attain 75% on how you perform. She is now at 50% and the men tell you what to work on. She would receive phone calls and e-mails from Breckenridge. These correspondences would tell her what sexual acts to perform. She stated she has met three men from the program and one of them she identified as Jacques."

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