Deceive yourself with five simple brain hacks

Deceive yourself with five simple brain hacksA Boston Globe graphic, with text by Johan Lehrer and graphics by Javier Zarracina, explains five illusions.
A great graphic from The Boston Globe which explains – in visual terms, naturally – how to hack your brain.

You may think it requires drugs or some sort of advanced techniques to show ourselves how our brains can easily be deceived. Not true. This graphic easily explains five illusions you can perform on yourself:

  • The Ganzfield Procedure – Where random noise is interpreted to have meaning and leads to hallucinations.
  • Inverted Binoculars – How to shrink our pain by making it look far away.
  • The Rubber Hand Illusion – A method to deceive our brain to believe a fake hand is our real hand.
  • The Pinocchio Illusion – How to create the illusion that our nose is incredibly long.
  • Perkinje Lights – A way to perceive visual hallucinations with our eyes closed.

Go to the Boston Globe to see them all: Hack your brain – How to hallucinate with ping-pong balls and a radio>>

Here’s the whole graphic:

Deceive yourself with five simple brain hacks

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