Debt collector creates fake courtroom to scare debtors

Debt collector creates fake courtroom to scare debtors"Order! Order in the fake court!
This fraudulent courtroom is now in session."

A debt collection company discovered a deceptive way to comply debtors to pay up. They used fake subpoenas delivered by fake sheriff’s deputies to summon people to a fake court hearing. The fake courtroom had the appropriate furniture, including an area where a fake judge, wearing black, would sit.

The company intimidated people into giving them access to bank accounts and surrender vehicle titles and other assets. A local lawyer, Larry D’Ambrosio, was accused of running the bogus hearings.

Unicredit America, a company in Erie Pennsylvania, is now being sued by the state Attorney General’s office.

Presumably the defendants from the credit company will be seen in a real courtroom.

Unicredit America’s ads did not include this information:

"Visit the Unicredit America courtroom! Now conveniently located across the street from Grover Cleveland Elementary School, right next to Greengarden Lanes Bowling Alley, the Brugger Home for Funerals, and the Floral Fantasy and Cooking Shop!"

That info is true, by the way. I looked it up on Google Maps. But here’s something odd. I looked up the address for Unicredit America on Google Maps, and saw that the business listed at 1537 W. 39th St in Erie, Pennsylvania really is in a strip mall / light industrial mall located next to the above school and businesses.

But what’s even stranger is that nearby, at 1563 West 38th Street, there’s a listing for an Honorable Dominick Di Paolo, under the category of "County Government Office," with a cryptic "District Justice 06-01-05" next to his location.

So did Unicredit America locate their fake courtroom next to a real judge? Or is the "Honorable Dominick Di Paolo" a listing for a fake judge? Did the company make up a fake "Honorable Dominick Di Paolo" just to fool people who looked things up on Google?

Attorney General goes to court to shut down Erie debt collector, Erie Times-News>>
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  1. The judge was fake, the court was fake, they even had fake uniformed bailiffs. All the buildings involved with the scam, including the Teletron building, are now for sale at a cool 2.7 million.

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