Bogus exorcist tricks teen into sex to cast away ghosts

Bogus exorcist tricks teen into sex to cast away ghostsA ceremony to exorcise evil spirits by the Nosu (or Yi) of Southwestern China.
I’m surprised that this news story about sexual deception wasn’t all over the media. It’s originally from the South China Morning Post:

Hong Kong – A bogus exorcist was convicted of tricking a Hong Kong teenager into sex by telling her the act would cast away ghosts haunting her, a news report said on Tuesday.

Second-hand car dealer Chow Kam-wah, aged 52, was found guilty on Monday of three counts of procurement and one of rape of the 19-year-old, the South China Morning Post reported.

Chow duped his victim, who believed she was seeing ghosts, into having sex with elaborate rituals at his home in Hong Kong three times from March to September 2009, the newspaper said.

He would burn incense, stamp on the floor, blindfold the teenager, then draw symbols on her back before having sex with her, Hong Kong’s High Court was told on Monday.

Chow pleaded not guilty but was convicted of procurement and rape. He was remanded in custody and is to be sentenced on November 30, the Post said.

In February, a bogus Taoist master who tricked a Hong Kong woman into giving him $190 000 and having sex with him repeatedly in return for "heavenly rewards" was jailed for 56 months.

A month earlier, a self-proclaimed feng shui master was jailed for six years and nine months for duping a 19-year-old Hong Kong model into having sex with him by saying it would rid her of bad luck.

It’s possible this story is true, but I think it sounds salacious enough to be made up, doesn’t it? It condemns a belief in ghosts as witchcraft that will get gullible young women raped. I wonder if it’s a fake story used to attack superstitious practices? Or was it used merely to get more readers, because very few can resist reading a story with a title like "Bogus exorcist tricks teen into sex to cast away ghosts."

‘Exorcist’ jailed for sex trick, News24>>

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  1. Also not to be confused with the hour-long 1974 porn film "The Sexorcist," where intrepid female reporter Diane Tracy investigates a story for an occult magazine about an evil devil cult.

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