Teenage chemical prank empties a bus

Teenage chemical prank empties a bus
Really, what could go wrong when you add
two male teenagers to this mix?

Two teenagers – one 15 and one 16, were riding in a school bus in Danville, Kentucky.

They probably considered themselves amateur scientists, of the prankster variety.

Their school bus had a mix of elementary and high school kids.

Once before, the two amateur scientists had mixed vinegar and baking soda on the bus, probably to make a plastic bottle explode when they tossed it out the window.

You can watch the YouTube video they probably saw:

How To Make A Water Bottle Bomb (it just makes a rely loud sound)

Chemical bombs are made by combining two things that will react and create a gas that expands and shatters a tightly closed container, like a water bottle.

You can do this by combining dry ice and water, which will also rupture a plastic bottle.

This time, the amateur scientists mixed together chlorine tablets and rubbing alcohol to make a little bomb they were going to throw out the window.

They also saw it on a YouTube video. Probably this one or a variant:

Chlorine and Alcohol Bomb
Chlorine plus rubbing alcohol in bottle = cheap family fun.

They combined the rubbing alcohol and the chlorine tablets and waited. Nothing happened. And they didn’t toss it out of the bus.

"You do it."
"No, you do it."

So they put the bottle on the floor of the bus.

"What’s happening?
"I don’t know."
"You open it."
"No, you open it."

One of the boys opened the bottle.

And toxic fumes filled the bus.

This forced the bus to stop, everyone to exit, and some kids to vomit.

That might be because chlorine gas reacts with our mucous membranes to form hydrochloric acid.

As someone who stopped said: "A bunch of sick little kids is what they were."

Everyone was taken to the hospital. The hospital’s ER went into lockdown mode. Clothes and belongings and the bus were decontaminated.

And the two teenage amateur scientists were carted away to juvie, facing felony charges.

Two Lincoln students face felony charges after school bus incident, AMNews>>
37 people treated after prank on Lincoln County school bus. Kentucky.com>>

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