Stupid advice to prevent scams at your door

Stupid advice to prevent scams at your door
Is there a company logo you can’t find on the Internet?

I read a story with the headline: "Warning: Toledo gas scam turns dangerous."

A Columbia Gas worker – an older man with a long beard – came to a woman’s door and demanded cash to keep her gas flowing. The woman said she’d paid her bill and she didn’t have the money to give him anyway.

The dangerous part is he returned some days later and ripped the gas meter off her house, with the gas still flowing.

Other neighbors saw him take the meter but didn’t question him because he was dressed correctly, holding a Columbia Gas bag. And he drove away in a white pickup that said "meter reader" on the side.

But he wasn’t from Columbia Gas, who said in a statement that while the company may come to your door to say you’re going to be disconnected, they never accept money at the door, because "It’s a safety issue for both the customer and our employees."

But the kicker in the news story is the last sentence:

"To be safe, ask to see a utility worker’s ID card."

Here’s a con-man who has a uniform, bag and truck that make him seem to be from the company. He’s ballsy enough to yank a gas meter off a house without turning off the gas. He seemed real enough that neighbors didn’t think he wasn’t real.

How hard would it be for him to make a fake ID?

Warning: Toledo gas scam turns dangerous, Toledo on the Move, WNWO NBC24>>

NOTE: I got the logo from a site called Teacher’s Cabinet, which provides students with "the proper tools and equipment…"

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