She cheated on all three husbands at the same time

She cheated on all three husbands at the same time
Patricia Penrose wanted more.

Patricia Penrose wanted more than her husband, Edmund Penrose, could give. So she got married again. Twice. Without getting any divorces.

It’s a love story, of sorts, from the United Kingdom.

She cheated on all three husbands at the same time
Patricia lived on Oates Street in the little town of Maltby in the UK.

Ms. Penrose, who was married to Edmund Penrose, put ads in lonely hearts newspaper columns and on Internet dating sites, listing herself as an "outgoing, bubbly, country-loving redhead."

She cheated on all three husbands at the same time
Patricia Penrose and Jim Bell, newlyweds.

She met Jim Bell, a divorced father of two. She told him she was divorced because her husband had cheated on her.

She was not divorced.

Two years later, in 2004, she married Mr. Bell and he became husband number two. She moved into his home, and she told him she worked nights as a nurse, which allowed her to disappear for days without him becoming suspicious.

She also claimed to have blood cancer – non-Hodgkin lymphoma – and needed to be treated at a hospital. When Mr. Bell tried to visit her there, the hospital staff said they’d never heard of her.

She told him she’d been transferred to a different hospital.

Said Mr. Bell:

"I was curious about her movements especially as I never saw her at Christmas but she said she was stuck at the hospital and I believed her… We had a fantastic sex life…"

Then, through an ad in the newspaper, she met divorced father of two Martin Wright. She also told him she was divorced. Right before their wedding, she said she had to go to the hospital to remove her fallopian tubes.

She cheated on all three husbands at the same time
Martin Wright, husband number three.

She finally did get married to Mr. Wright, who became husband number three in 2005.

Said Mr. Wright:

"It wasn’t much of a honeymoon… she had a big plaster on her stomach covering what I supposed was the operation scar."

Mr. Wright took out a mortgage to buy them a home. They went on trips together. Altogether, though, in the whole time they were married, she only spent two days in their home.

She told him she was sick in the hospital a lot. She refused to allow her husband to come visit her.

By 2009 they kept in touch by text and met just once a month to eat together.

But for a time, she was living in all three homes with all three husbands.

This went on for five years.

Finally, she was missing from her first husband’s home for a longer time than usual. Mr. Penrose number one became concerned and reported her missing to the police.

That’s when the marriage certificates for her other two marriages were discovered.

The police called Mr. Wright, husband number three, who hadn’t seen her for six weeks.

When Mr. Wright finally met up with her, she said that that whole thing with the police had all been a misunderstanding.

However, eventually Ms. Penrose, now age 51, a mother of three, was arrested. She pleaded guilty to bigamy. She was sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

After her arrest, she left both husband number two, Mr. Bell, and husband number three, Mr. Wright.

Mr. Wright said, "I think the sentence is way too lenient. She upset a lot of people’s lives. She has wasted a lot of my life and it has put a few years on me.

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