Security guard wasn’t going to be tricked

Security guard wasn't going to be tricked
Sam Bawden and Aaron Bishop

Shoplifter Aaron Bishop, a father of three, was spotted trying to steal from a department store.

He ran, and was caught and subdued by four security guards.

One guard, Sam Bawden, held him face down.

The others held his arms and legs.

Mr. Bishop struggled violently to free himself for ten minutes.

Mr. Bawden said "He shouted to us to ’f****** get off me,’ at one point he did shout ’I cannot breathe,’ but the main emphasis was ’f****** get off me."’

Shoppers said that Mr. Bishop, a former soldier, turned purple.

They said he complained he could not breathe.

Mr. Bawden said he thought that was part of a "trick" to try and get away.

The police arrived.

That was when Mr. Bawden realized there was something wrong with Mr Bishop.

The police tried to revive him.

He was dead.

Sam Bawden was charged with manslaughter.

He was found innocent.

Aaron Bishop was trying to steal a $48 bottle of Joop! aftershave.

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