Pregnant belly in an ad is mistaken for a man’s butt

Pregnant belly in an ad is mistaken for a man's butt
The original ad on the left had to be replaced with
the ad on the right.

A health clinic had to switch one advertisement for another when people began complaining that the ad showed a man mooning a little boy.

"This came out of nowhere. People were screaming at us about it, and none of us could fathom which ad they were talking about and what they were seeing."

Were some viewers so sensitive that they were somehow misled by the ad? Or is this an extreme example of too much flesh in an ad equals bad nudity? (See They’re nude, but is it a deceptive ad?)

Or maybe – and this is my favorite scenario – all the complaining people were part of a hoax against the clinic.

Pregnant belly in ad mistaken for man’s butt, Adweek>>

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