“Men, they all cheat,” says singer

"Men, they all cheat," says singer
Tulisa, from the UK group N-Dubz, has been burned before.

The UK singer with the self-fulfilling prophecy:

Men? They all cheat, but most of them get away with it. I’m jealous because I know men. I think there are 5% of men that stay faithful, but there’s another 95% out there that are absolute animals.

My bandmate Dappy is probably the reason why I’m so untrusting of men. Just watching him and his friends and you know, their whole attitude towards women. I can’t trust anyone. They don’t act like I’m there. So thanks to Dappy I’m very anti-men!

Because I know that nearly all men cheat, it makes me hard to trust them and I would quite happily pay a bird to go and shag my man, record it, and if they gave me evidence I would pay them a grand.

I tested one guy and he turned the girl down so I said okay you pass but what happened is he cheated afterwards anyway.

Another guy I knew where his condoms were and I counted them and he had one less than he was supposed to and yeah he’d been cheating too. People might think it’s weird, but I was right, wasn’t I? He was cheating.

If I was going to get married, the first thing I’d do would be to send out a private detective. I’ve actually got the number for a cheating detective in my phone. When I get married, I will 100% do a lie detector test with him and ask if he’s cheated.

Do you think I’m hardcore? I’m not hardcore. If he hasn’t cheated, it’ll be fine. I’ve got a couple of issues, but it’s not my fault I’ve been with fucked-up men all my life.

Based on an interview the 22-year old singer Tulisa, from the group N-Dubz, gave to the magazine Heat.

N-Dubz Tulisa: ‘Nearly all men cheat‘, Digital Spy>>

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