Man fell for prank, got tattoo on forehead

Man fell for prank, got tattoo on forehead
David Winkelman got a tattoo on his forehead
but he did not hit the jackpot.

I saw this recently in News of the Weird, which reminded me of my earlier post on another very bad forehead tattoo. (See link below.)

But first, Mr. Winkelman.

Back in the year 2000 in the state of Iowa, Mr. Winkelman, now 48 years old, heard a DJ on a local radio station, KORB, announce a contest. The station would pay $100,000 or more to anyone who got the station’s call letters and logo tattooed on their forehead. So Mr. Winkelman (and his stepson) tattooed ’93 Rock’ and ‘Quad City Rocker’ on their foreheads and went to the station to collect.

You already know the punchline – it was all a radio station prank.

The men sued, but Winkelman dismissed the complaint and Goddard failed to show up in court.

Ten years later, this mug shot appeared because Mr. Winkelman was arrested for a misdemeanor.

I’ve got a few questions:

How has Mr. Winkelman been living with this on his forehead for the last ten years? (Yeah I know he could have it removed but it’s very expensive.) Does he wear his hat pulled low? Does he cover it up with makeup? Did he ever have his hair long in front to cover it? Why didn’t he tattoo something else over it? Does he just say to himself: "Eh, whatever." Is there a rule that he had to have his mug shot taken with the tattoo visible? And what happened to Mr. Winkelman’s stepson and his forehead tattoo?

The kicker is that the radio station doesn’t even exist anymore. (It was rock and now it’s adult contemporary, KQCS, Star 93.5.)

But I can’t laugh too much at this guy. I cropped and cleaned up his greenish mug shot for the top of this post. Here’s his original mug shot:

Man fell for prank, got tattoo on forehead
David Winkelman deserves a break.

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