Let them spread the word and scam themselves

Let them spread the word and scam themselves

In many frauds, the innocent who are doing well will ensnare more victims for the scammers.

The company Imperia Invest IBC had its assets frozen after allegedly scamming 14,000 people, most of them deaf.

Kenneth D. Israel, Securities and Exchange Commission’s Salt Lake Office said:

"Imperia’s operators took proactive steps to conceal their identity by using an anonymous browser to host its website, communicating with all investors via e-mail, and taking their payments through off-shore PayPal-style bank accounts."

Over 500 people in Utah were scammed.

The company would lure people to invest small amounts of money, promising returns of 1.2 percent a day. They said a $50 investment would be worth $134,000 in six months.

Although they didn’t specifically target the deaf community, word spread about the scam after several began spreading information about the great returns they were getting from the company.

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