The insider trading game show, now with more sex

The insider trading game show, now with more sex
The cast of characters.

When they first met:

One was a divorced 36-year-old.

The other was a married 46-year-old.

The first one was a consultant for an equity hedge fund company.

The other was a major technology company’s senior vice president, who’d worked there more than a quarter century.

They got friendly… and then they got more than friendly.

Eventually, one passed insider trading information to the other.

And the other passed the information on to the boss, who was also a lover.

The feds got wise, tapped many phones, and made many arrests.

Now for Deceptology Jeopardy – where we match the following pieces of information with the above story. Can you tell what information belongs to the faces above?

  • Was a former beauty contestant.
  • Was a workaholic who spent more time at work than with family.
      • Her name is Danielle Chiesi, who worked at hedge fund New Castle.
        • This one got a six month prison sentence.
          • His name is Mark Kurland, co-founder of the hedge fund New Castle, part of Bear Stearns Asset Management.
            • This wiretapped person said: "I’m dead if this leaks. I really am… and my career is over. I’ll be like Martha f***ing Stewart."
              • Was sentenced to 27 months in prison and must pay the government $900,000.
                • His name is Bob Moffat, who was in line to become the CEO at IBM.
                  • This one was sleeping with Danielle Chiesi.
                    • This one was sleeping with both Mark Kurland and Bob Moffat.
                      • His name is Raj Rajaratnam, one of the 300 richest men in the world.
                        • This one said in wiretaps that trading business information was "like an orgasm."
                          • This person made over $1 million yearly.
                          • When it comes down to it, does it matter what fits where? It’s really the oldest story in the world. A man commits adultery because a woman pays lots of attention to him. A woman uses sex to ensnare powerful men. (Or is the woman being used by powerful men to ensnare others and make the men rich?) Everyone either makes money or gets laid, and deceives somebody in the process.

                            If you really want answers to the above questions, read this article in Fortune: Dangerous liaisons at IBM: Inside the biggest hedge fund insider-trading ring, Fortune>> 
                            NY Post>>

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