The Beatles and the Ouija board prank

The Beatles and the Ouija board prank"Will the Beatles remain a superstar group?"
When Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon held a seance using a Ouija board in the early 1960s, they were contacted by the ghost of McCartney’s late mother.

They were all amazed when she congratulated them on their recent hit single.

Says McCartney:

"So we’re touching the glass, you know, saying ‘OK, nobody push it, OK?’ So then, suddenly… whoa, it’s moving! Now, my mum had died a couple of years before and it says, ‘Congratulations… son…’ And we’re going, ‘NO!’ ‘Congratulations… son… number one… In NME!’ And so we were all, ‘Oh, f**k off! There’s no way she would know what NME was’. And there’s George, you know (laughing). He’d been pushing it all the time! Bad boy!"

("NME" is New Musical Express, a UK music magazine that published a hit singles chart.)

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(Are Ouija boards "real" or not? Short answer – They work using the ideomotor effect, where participants don’t realize that they’re unconsciously moving the board. They’re dangerous if you think they’re dangerous, because your mind can imagine all kinds of things. If your mind thinks you can conjure something using a Ouija board, then your mind will very likely be able to conjure something from a Ouija board.)

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