Americans like being lied to by politicians

Americans like being lied to by politicians
Megan McArdle is the business and
economics editor for
The Atlantic.

Ms. McCardle responds to a Thomas Friedman article in The New York Times about changing the United State’s two-party political system:

(It’s) not that politicians are lying because they are in hock to special interests – after all, their job is to appease the 200 million special interests in the electorate.  Rather, I think that politicians lie because lying works; the guy who wins is often the guy who can tell the best lies. If you can generate an intuitively compelling, but empirically false, story about how you are going to deliver sumptuous goodies to the voters without costing them anything, you may well have a good shot at elected office.  That’s why Republicans claim to absurdly high growth effects from supply-side tax cuts, and why Democrats promised that health care reform won’t result in any changes voters don’t like, unless those voters happen to be "rich".

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