Why do kids lie?

Why do kids lie?
There’s no big mystery why kids lie – they’re just copying their parents. In an article in New York magazine:

They learn that honesty only creates conflict, and dishonesty is an easy way to avoid conflict. And while they don’t confuse white-lie situations with lying to cover their misdeeds, they bring this emotional groundwork from one circumstance to the other. It becomes easier, psychologically, to lie to a parent. So if the parent says, "Where did you get these Pokemon cards?! I told you, you’re not allowed to waste your allowance on Pokemon cards!" this may feel to the child very much like a white-lie scenariohe can make his father feel better by telling him the cards were extras from a friend.

My favorite quote from the article:

In the thesaurus, the antonym of honesty is lying, and the opposite of arguing is agreeing. But in the minds of teenagers, that’s not how it works. Really, to an adolescent, arguing is the opposite of lying.

Why do kids lie?
"Who broke this?"
"Okay. I’m going to tell you, okay.
First… okay I’m going to tell you.
First. First, I wasn’t in here, right?"

The best illustration of a kid lying comes from genius comedian Richard Pryor:

Learning to Lie, New York>>

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