Who do kids trust when they close their eyes?

Who do kids trust when they close their eyes?
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Most people prefer others who are in their social group.

Kids are the same. They use three visible cues to decide if they’re going to be friends with someone: race, gender and age. But new research says that someone’s accent may be just as important.

A study at Harvard has shown that kids will pick a kid of the same race to be a potential friends over a kid of a different race, but only if the other kid doesn’t speak.

But if a kid speaks, a white kid will choose a black kid with a native accent over a white kid who speaks English with a foreign accent.

Maybe this is because our language tends to carry our culture – and our suitability as a friend – more than our skin color.

So, if this research is also true in adults, if you want to con someone, mimicking their speech is more effective than trying to look like them.

Accents Trump Skin Color at Scientific American>>

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