Use this liquor store scam to swindle $409,000

Use this liquor store scam to swindle $409,000
This is all the liquor that nobody drank.

Here’s a little trick to rip-off your employer:

  1. Find a dumpster behind a liquor store and scrounge around until you find a whole mess of tossed-out receipts. 
  2. Attach those receipts to reimbursement request forms and submit them as petty cash requests.
  3. Get reimbursed for all the liquor that you (and your colleagues) didn’t drink.
  4. Do this for 5 years.
  5. Use a total of 13,000 receipts.
  6. Collect $409,000 in fake reimbursements.
  7. Don’t get caught.

That’s exactly the con that John Runowicz, 47, managed to pull off. He was an administrator for the chemistry department at NYU who was responsible for "managing lab resources." Except he forgot the "not getting caught part," because he did get caught.

Runowicz pled guilty to grand larceny and may get one to three years in prison. Runowicz, a musician, had released a blues CD called How Am I Here? in 2007 under the name John Michael Hersey. In one song, he sings, "I’m running from the blues, but the blues always track me down."

Buy his CD here>>

NYU employee accused of stealing $409K over 5 years, CNN>>

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