The untold secret of Psycho’s shower scene

The untold secret of Psycho's shower scene
Is this really Norman Bates?

You can’t trust anything in the movies. Here’s where Hitchcock really cheated, explains writer Steve North.

"Sitting with (Anthony) Perkins and hearing his stories was a moviegoer’s dream come true, but I had to take a stab at bringing him back to the nightmarish shower scene. I told him what I had heard, and asked if he would confirm the secret of "Psycho": that during the filming of the horrific moment where Norman Bates, in drag, dispatches Miss Crane, Anthony Perkins himself was…"

The secrets of "Psycho’s" shower scene. How I uncovered the shocking truth about Hitchcock’s best-known moment – and why it still matters, 50 years on, Salon>>

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