Simply forgery in Florida

Simply forgery in Florida
The check is for me, but the money is from you.

A woman in Palm Beach, Florida was hired as a caretaker for an elderly couple. The wife was 74 years old, and her husband, 82, had Alzheimers.

The woman had been working for them as a caretaker for five years but recently left. The wife become "perplexed as to where her money was going." Then she got an check overdraft notice in the mail, with an image of a check. The signature wasn’t hers.

Her daughter quickly arrived, got power of attorney, examined the bank accounts and found $141, 228.03 in forged checks.

The caretaker denied any forgery.

However, an incriminating clue may have been found in the check ledger. Police found that several times, the caretaker wrote a forged check to herself, then wrote VOID on the check.

Police arrested Mary Gayle "Abby" Tomasheski, 55, at the Bingo Magic bingo hall.

Acreage woman charged with stealing more than $140,000 from elderly couple, The Palm Beach Post>>

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