Sex, lies and North Dakota drug dealers

Sex, lies and North Dakota drug dealers
This man was threatened by something.

A young man in South Dakota broke up with his high school girlfriend, age 17.

His name was Ryne Anderson, age 18.

He was a high school student and pitcher on the baseball team.

Over the next few months he told his ex-girlfriend he was in serious trouble.

He told her this in person.

And sent her text messages.

And Facebook messages.

He said his life was in danger and he really needed help.

He didn’t want to go to the police.

He told her that drug dealers were watching him.

And they were also watching her.

He said both of their lives were in danger.

He said that certain demands had to be met.

If these demands were not met both of them could be killed

And these demands had to be met within a specific time-frame.

And if they didn’t go through with what the drug dealers wanted?

He could be killed.

Or she could be killed.

Or her family could be killed.

Ryne Anderson went to her home.

He said they better do what they needed to do.

What did they need to do?

(And they did it two times.)

Once, she gave him oral sex.

And another time, intercourse.

Until she went to her parents.

And Ryne Anderson, who was threatened?

He was arrested for the felony charge of GSI, or gross sexual imposition, which means he compelled a victim to engage in sex by threat of force.

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