Is this prank funny or gross stupidity?

Is this prank funny or gross stupidity?
A woman fell asleep at a friend’s house.

Here’s my theory on pranks – at first, whoever is being pranked should be fooled, and then they should laugh.

A prank should be mischief that doesn’t cause harm.

I found this wonderful and pithy phrase from an 1828 Webster’s dictionary: a prank is "a mischievous act, rather for sport than injury."

And then there’s this prank from the UK.

It failed.

A man and a woman, Ian Mahoney, age 32, and Nicola Parle, age unknown, were at a friend’s home in Devon, England.

They knew each other through their mutual friend, but they didn’t know each other before they met that night.

There was drinking.

Ms. Parle went to bed a little before midnight, and took two sleeping pills to help her sleep.

Evidently, Ian drank more.

And at some point, he took the drug Ecstasy.  

When Miss Parle woke in the morning, she couldn’t open her eyes.

She panicked.

She touched her face and hair, which felt greasy and covered in other substances.

There was an odd, familiar smell.

She got herself to the bathroom. She washed her face. When she saw what had been done to her face, she telephoned a friend for help.

That night – or more accurately very early that morning – Mr. Mahoney, under the influence of drugs, alcohol and a distorted sense of pranksterism, had decided to prank Ms. Parle, all in the name of fun.

While she slept, Mr. Mahoney had smeared her face and hair with Vicks vapor rub, makeup, and KY jelly.

He also painted her face with nail polish.

Mr. Mahoney was arrested.

He said he had intended the prank as a joke.

He said he meant it only in a "fun way."

His lawyer said that "It was gross stupidity but not malice."

For his gross stupidity but not malice, Mr. Mahoney was sentenced to 10 months in jail.

Man who painted flatmate’s face with nail varnish ‘as a prank’ while she slept is jailed, Daily Mail>>

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