“I just love movies so much!” says fraudster

"I just love movies so much!" says fraudster
"Stuff my mailbox with your red gold!"

A man in the UK was sent to jail for loving movies too much.

Craig Guest had collected personal details from customers while working as a security guard at a B&Q store (which is similar to a Home Depot in the U.S.)

He then applied for free film trials and other products using the stolen information, but he changed the customer details slightly so companies would send him free films and games.

One of the online companies, Loveline.com, eventually noticed that lots of things sent to his address had been "lost." And that many accounts for "different" people had – look at this – the same address.

Guest had figured out that if he not only changed his fake user names and passwords, but also the postal codes, the security system wouldn’t flag his address as suspicious.

He sure loved movies (and games, too.) Even after he was arrested, he continued his scam.

Craig Guest, 29, who had previous convictions for deception, was convicted of fraud and sentenced to jail for 16 months.

It’s unknown if his prison cell has access to cable.

Man sent to jail for game and film fraud, This is South Devon>>

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