Fooling cocaine users with a toothache product

Fooling cocaine users with a toothache product

This chemical is used both to soothe baby’s teething pain 
and increase drug dealer profits.

Since illegal drugs are expensive, drug dealers try to cut or dilute a drug if they can.

Obviously if you cut a drug like cocaine and make it 50% drug and 50% something cheaper, you’ll save some money.

You need some kind of "bulking agent."

But if you cut cocaine with something inert, which just mimics what cocaine looks or feels like, a user will think the drug is weak.

That’s been done with substances such as baking powder or sugars such as lactose.

So what you want is something to mix with the cocaine that mimics the effects of the cocaine, but is not too expensive.

You can do that with methamphetamine, which gives a user a stimulant effect, but that drug’s illegal, and expensive, and maybe gives less than predictable effects.

(And really, you might just as well sell the methamphetamine.)

What you want is a drug that closely mimics cocaine, and is cheap, and is not illegal.

What you want is benzocaine.

Benzocaine is a topical pain reliever that looks and feels like cocaine.

It’s a fine chemical, used in products like Baby Orajel and Maximum Strength Orajel.

It mimics the effect of cocaine by numbing a user’s nose and mouth in the same way as cocaine, so users are fooled into thinking they’re getting a higher quality product – a cocaine that contains, well, more cocaine.

And if a user tries to make crack cocaine out of cocaine adulterated with benzocaine, the fake additive can’t be detected.  

It’s also easier to import because it’s legal.

This means that over time, cocaine is becoming less and less pure to the end user, and more and more profitable to the drug dealer.

Some countries such as the UK have made it illegal to buy benzocaine if it’s used to supply the underground drug trade.

And since drug dealers won’t come out and buy it themselves, they’re using middlemen who are marking up the benzocaine, and creating a black market for the cutting agent.

Some have said that the mark-up for the fake cocaine is almost as high as the mark-up for real cocaine.

In one case in the UK, someone was selling cutting agents from his home garage, advertising in local papers and on the Internet.

He was also the Association of Chief Police Officers’ specialist on the cocaine industry.

Want to buy some lidocaine? Try going to It looks like the only chemicals they sell are pharmaceutial grades of lidocaine, benzocaine and procaine. Note their disclaimer:

You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase. None of our products are to be used for consumption, diluting or adulterating existing drugs, for any illegal or inappropriate use, or in a way that violates our terms and conditions. All purchasers must also agree to our terms & conditions before purchase.

I do like this sentence on their site (I’ve highlighted my favorite words), because if you’re a "research chemist," discretion is so important:

In addition to offering clean, professionally and discreetly packaged, exceptionally pure chemical compounds at highly competitive prices.

NOTE: Since I first wrote this post, many people have added their comments to the comments section, and many of these comments are nasty, brutish, ungrammatical and profane. I’ve debated removing all the comments, but I thought you might be amused to read them to see what happens when anonymous people expound on drug-related matters.

– How cutting drugs became big business, BBC News Magazine>>
– Benzocaine at Wikipedia>>
– Caine Chemical>>

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52 thoughts on “Fooling cocaine users with a toothache product

  1. Oh if its liquid cut boil water and place a plate on top, put the liquid on the plate n itll turn to powder, than mix

  2. Are u freaking serious. How can people not know that. I am just reading about all kind of mixing. My friend just lost a child to this drug. Can that not injure people in anyway

  3. If anything killed your friend’s kid, it was the actual cocaine, not the damn pain reliever.

  4. This is preposterous! Albeit funny at all counts, I should say. Certainly not something for invisalign sydney users to be reading.

  5. No,no,no it’s 4 parts cutting agent to 1 part coke or 4 parts cutting agent to 1 part cutting agent !!! Get it !!?

  6. If you really must know how to BLEND your chosen chemicals, and your life depends on it? I could be persuaded to tell !!!!!

  7. DONT SELL COCAINE, unless your a heartless souless scum of the earth douche bag. Then its real simple douche, dry out any wet cut, powder up the pure stuff and mix it all up. If you want to try to fool people proper, get yourself a press and make your stuff look chunky. I always got excited when I got coke that was as hard as crack. Oh ya, I didnt buy off douche bags like you trying to rip people off. ALL DEALERS GET CAUGHT, sooner or later. Or etleast all the ones I knew of.

  8. I never got caught, or pulled over, nor went to court, I got a clean record,,never cut it,,,only ppl that pissed me off, got Tylenol, or you baked off the oral jell, put it in a used baggy with Tylenol, I stopped doing it and selling it, bought a fast car, house, got a legit high paying job, I moved $70,000 of it a month, for a yr.awesome lifestyle, I had morals, and respect for the ppl I dealt with.

  9. No you didn’t, a smart dealer wouldn’t of gone and posted that on a website that everyone can see

  10. Why not post it. He admitted to a crime that would be impossible to convict him on and a waste of any narc officers time.
    In my experience people who talk alot usually don’t have the past they describe, but, some of the more ruthless people I’ve met can’t shut up. In my experience with drug people 15 yrs of 30, I find it best not to question ppeople past but let them prove through actions the type they arr.
    He very well may have been a higher level dealer, or maybe a transporter, who knows. Worst thing to do is get proven right when you call someone out….If you’re still alive anyway

  11. Why not use teething powder? That numbs too and is much easier to get hold of

  12. Parsons baby powder for teething was a great cut and many dealers around here swore by it but they recalled all packs then banned it for a few months and altered the ingredients so now there is no noticeable numbing qualities (as an adult consumer lol) so there’s alot of pissed off dealers and some are using laxatives to cut with now.It’s a disgrace.Dimethocaine is a slight stim with numbing so WTF don’t they use that???

  13. After midnight most users are drunk and don’t really care what they put up there nose. You can sell them "inositol" and they’ll think its great and buy you another 20!

  14. fuck cut cocain works for pussy that snort it cuz you can think about snorting cocain and get just as high as if you did. i just got shit wit stuff lik this fuken sucks wen you do it the right way and shoot it arm goes all numb and shit. thers nothing that covers the feeling of shooting pure cocain you kno immediatly if its good or not… just sayn…. yea i do drugs. yeah its gross… man on man wen its good tho

  15. wow what a loser to ever say that outloud , and ‘man on man when its good tho’ what does that mean, u only do that stuff to bang guys, im confused.

  16. I know someone that sold a user batches if benzocaine and now they are facing attempted murder charges. The user start having heart palpitations because in excess benzocaine can shut down the heart.

  17. This is bullshit !! It’s ok for dealers to cut their product a little bit let’s be honest there’s no way it’s ever gonna be %100 but if its less than %70 then that group of dealers or dealer needs to be shot and robbed !! You cant just charge people high prices for pure shit and expect to get away with it and everything will be cool ! I know guys who have done this and they got beaten down and robbed Amd then ratted out just cause no one wanted their shitty stuff out to anyone

  18. I would like nothing more than to be able to agree with you. But, as is the case for most, your beliefs that street drug purity is commonly 70%+ is even more preposterous than believing a "dealer" would be lynched by disgruntal customers. For one the "dealer" who sells usable amounts is rarely(never) the one resposible for the poor quality of his product. All too often, like the users, they have very little knowledge at all as to the avg. purity within their distribution chain. Nowadays pretty much all the little tricks historically used by the semi knowledgable are obsolete due to the true "scumbags" hiring chemists soley to discover/produce adultrants that behave chemically similar to the drug in question. Get you facts straight before becoming another cog in the misinformation engine.

  19. Hate to tell all u idiots I sell coke and have been for over 10 years. I never cut my product. because even if someone says its 200 an 8ball and its the best ever its still lucky to even be 60 percent. All u people r idiots who think that the junk ur snorting for 50 or 60 a gram is even CLOSE to 50 percent pure. Before all u dumbasses write all this shit u should check ur facts. One line of 100 percent cocaine can kill u and a gram of 80 percent pure in under 6 hours can c
    Kill u. So unless none of u r dead after doing an 8ball then ur probly getting 60 percent salt anyways! Have a nice day all u retards enjoy snorting ur sugar that u think is 70 percent pure coke. Idiots.

    1. You don’t know shit your the fuckin idiot who needs to get his facts strait I’ve done grams of lab tested cocaine that came up 92% I knew I had good shit but I wanted to know how good and I sent in from and I was fine cocaine is natural minus the solvents used to refine it into coca paste and further refine using a crystallization process.

  20. ^^^^ Smartest thing I’ve read on here. most of the bullshit you guys put on here I don’t get past your second sentence. 100% agreed… idiots.

  21. Non asshole!!! Thank every god, deity, spirit, or troll with spiked florescent hair that somehow you of all people have stumbled upon pure cocaine. Then proceed to use and share among friends very carefully, but with great joy..

  22. Added to your powder, let it harden, break and sell chunks, or what I did was put. oral jel, on a baking sheet, and used a propane torch until it was shavings used a razor blade when it was dry, busted it smaller, sifted it, I was making synthetic cocaine for someone that pissed me off, oral jel, antibiotics, Advil, sold it for $80, he said why is there Brown flakes Advil,,, I just said it was Peruvian flake, best stuff he’s ever had apparently

  23. so that movie(i know) blow where the guy heats it up isnt real? why wouldnt you just do that to know how pure the coke is?

  24. "you" can and "he" does
    there are many things to know in order to be able to properly analyze the results though. It was very simple in the 70’s when the one bringing it from the farm to the us tested it for it was upwards of 70-80% pure with 1-2 max inert adulterants. Not so much no more. DEA reports show an average purity of 40-60% AT THE BORDER. Before the 50/50 done as soon as it reaches final hub.

  25. Is there anything that can be put in cocaine that will knock out cold a full grown man????

  26. Wow just had coke high as a kite but deformation not coke. Love to now this mix personally I’d use pro plus. But only cut small amount cause am not a greedy rip off. Can’t make good contacts bye been a dick

  27. For the users of this "hype-drug’, synthetic or real; you are getting shit on a stick and your paying through the nose. You’re blowing your wad and risking your life for what…fake shit, real shit; it’s all shit! Get a reality check! Your making your dealers wealthy, making their way to their fake dreams; eventually, most get caught, do time and come out, rehabilitated…Gee your gullible!

  28. yea this is what the fucking world needs, more fake cocaine shoved up there nose… great article asshole… helping the scum of the earth.

  29. Lucky to get 20% here! From 85% what kind of ratio with benz would you expect before it hits the guys who buy bars? For over in northern ireland as obviously between there and England the quality would differ somewhat.

  30. Does nyone really thnk or kno that bakinsda oralgel n tynololn mobic cook j rit wil make a decent buz

  31. Anyone that cuts the blow is cursed with the mighty Lebanese paikee curse. You know who you are bleedin’ paikeeze. Pikeyy campsites is where they cut good coke from Peru or Colombia. So knock it off or ima send crazy Larry after your fat a$$.

  32. I sold lots of coke, powder mostly. However, it didn’t last. I got snitched on by someone I trusted and had the task force knocking my door down at 1am. They found 3oz of powder coke, scales, baggies and a handgun. I served 5yrs which was mandatory in my state. Anyone who think about doing this please stay away. It is not worth it in the end. There’s something a DEA agent told me that will never leave my head. He said, "EVERYONE GET CAUGHT" soon or later. This is what they do for a living. They chase dealers day and night. Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made.

  33. "illegal to buy benzocaine if it’s used to supply the underground drug trade"

    No shit

  34. Thank you for not deleting the comments. LMAO I was looking to see if benzocaine can be injected into tooth and found your article. WOW!

  35. I blew my inheritance on fake crack cocaine . Remembering the ear ringers of the late eighties and early nineties…not one did i get in a hemmaorage of cash totalling 180 thou spent. While doing 20 bags a day of equally weak or ruined heroin ( enfamil ).
    Say what you will ill never know because ill never be back to read or care. Buyer be aware , real cocaine is pure joy and death , fake cocaine is false hope for joy and huge lung and cardiac problems later, without ever even having gotten high.

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