Gulf oil spill brings out slick con artists

Gulf oil spill brings out slick con artists
Oil will make me rich! Rich, I say!

Why do con men flock to disasters?

Because the normal systems of checks and balances are broken.

And people are vulnerable.

Here are some of the Gulf oil spill scams.

Applications for commercial fishing licenses have risen sharply, even though fishing waters were closed.

Why? Because you need a commercial fishing license to submit damage claims to British Petroleum.

Legitimate fishing boat captains are being offered money by people looking for signed paperwork that says they’re members of a fishing crew.

Then they can claim damages.

Other scam artists have decided to scam people rather than BP.

They’ve been going door-to-door, pretending to be oil company or government workers.

Some are collecting personal information that the "company" or "government" needs.

Others are fraudulently trying to charge people for "training" so they can be employed cleaning up the spill.

And others are soliciting for fake donations.

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