Charismatic British conman looks like this?

Charismatic British conman looks like this?
Mr. John Keady, 44, was a charming man.

 He didn’t have money, good looks, a full head of hair or great sexual prowess.

What he had was charisma.

One victim said he was flattering and funny.

Another said he had "charm, wit and impeccable manners."

He crafted his lies to appeal specifically to each women.

He said he was a successful business consultant, an international yachtsman, a man with a PhD, a lifeboat hero, a world class kayaker and a star of the Royal Navy rugby team.

Authorities say he may have stolen more than £1 million from over 100 female victims in the course of 20 years.

These were not stupid women, either. They were lawyers, doctors, fund managers, businesswomen, single professionals, housewives and mothers in their 30s and 40s.

He stole their money by persuading them to loan him money, stealing their credit cards or card numbers, or taking out loans in their names.

He met women through various online dating sites.

One way he convinced them of his wealth was by visiting luxury auto and yacht showrooms.

He ripped off one woman by telling her he had friends trapped in the Himalayas and he had to organize an emergency rescue.

Keady also conned his adoptive mother out of £100,000 by applying for credit cards and loans in her name.

One woman who was fleeced said: "I think there must be more women out there who are too embarrassed to come forward. When I told him I was going to the police he said it would look bad for me as a professional woman."

Even after he was arrested, he became engaged to a woman he had just met.

Said the judge at his trial: "It strikes me that the prospect of you ever leading an honest life are nil. Lies are woven into the fabric of your being. I don’t believe your expressions of remorse and regret. They are all part of a pattern of lying and deceit which is the hallmark of your life… The distress, unhappiness, anxiety and depression caused to the victims was palpable and has left them burdened with debts."

Keady got a five year sentence.

Police are asking any other women who were victims to please come forward.

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